Peterson Deluxe System Pipe

Here are some pictures showing the details of my Peterson Deluxe 5S System Pipe. I’ve wanted a Deluxe System Pipe for a long time now and never thought I’d ever own one. This is an “estate pipe” (that’s a nice way for saying it’s used) in excellent condition. The 5S shape is pretty much the same as the 305 shape in Peterson’s Standard System Pipe. I have one of those in the rusticated version (which, too, was a gift).

Before I get to the pictures, though, here’s some information about Peterson’s System Pipes.

In 1890, Charles Peterson patented the “System” pipe and in 1898 he patented the “Peterson Lip” or “P-Lip.” A Peterson System pipe has an extra chamber in the shank that collects moisture. This keeps the moisture from traveling up the stem and into your mouth.

The Peterson-Lip is a complete redesign of the traditional pipe mouthpiece (called a “fishtail”). Instead of the hole being at the back of the mouthpiece, which can lead to “tongue bite” if you’re smoking your pipe too hot. The smoke basically scorches your tongue! The Peterson-Lip has the hole at the top of the mouthpiece and directs the smoke to the roof of your mouth and circulates it in your mouth. This allows for a much cooler smoke, if you smoke “hot.”


Now, without further ado, on to the pictures!


I love the bird’s eye on the sides of this pipe.


Bird’s eye is achieved by cutting the briar perpendicular to the grain.


Not to mention the straight grain that runs from the front of the bowl, down the heel, and up the back of the shank! It’s also on the back of the bowl, the front of the shank, and the top of the bowl.


Here, you can make out PETERSON in the silver and 5S in the briar. Underneath PETERSON is the standard sterling silver hallmarks that Peterson of Dublin uses. The first emblem is the Irish Harp (the national emblem of Ireland), .925 (representing the quality of the silver), and the letter D (representing the year the pipe was made—1989).


In the briar you can see Peterson of Dublin in a curve (Peterson above and of Dublin below). Underneath that is DELUXE (no curve). On the left in the silver, you can see Peterson’s over DUBLIN and just start to make out STERLING over SILVER on the right.

This pipe smokes wonderfully. It’s so smooth—a cool, dry smoke. Just like a Peterson System Pipe is suppose to smoke!

In the Love of the Three in One,

Br. Jack+, LC


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