Happy New Year!

It’s the first day of the 2016! It’s hard to believe that we’ve made it through another year and we’re still here. No matter what the naysayers said our President isn’t the Antichrist; Jesus didn’t come back; the world didn’t end; the country didn’t dissolve into chaos; etc. (Please keep these things in mind when the doomsday prophets (or is that “profits) start to spout their predictions in the coming year!)

There are things we need to resolve to do this coming year, though—take steps to curb gun violence; put an end to for-profit prisons; a better environmental plan; end poverty; a one-payer health-care system for everyone; etc.

While those are enormous (but doable if we work together), what about us as individuals? As Communities? What changes can we make to become more loving? More caring? More selfless? More giving? What can we do to be Christ to those we meet? To find Christ within them?

One thing I want to do this year is study more about the world of Celtic followers of Jesus. And, in that regard, I’ve added The Celtic Book of Days, by Ray Simpson* to my daily practice of morning and evening prayer, silent meditation, etc. It’s a book of “Ancient wisdom for each day of the year from the Celtic followers of Christ.” I hope to reflect on these entries daily.

For January 1st, Simpson suggests we do more than just make resolutions. We must “carry so much more” into the new year. He then offers these words from Celtic Fire, by Robert Van der Weyer:

Let us go forth
in the goodness of our merciful Father,
in the gentleness of our brother Jesus,
in the radiance of the Holy Spirit,
in the faith of the apostles,
in the joyful praise of the angels,
in the holiness of the saints,
in the courage of the martyrs.

Let us go forth
in the wisdom of our all-seeing Father,
in the patience of our all-loving Brother,
in the truth of the all-knowing Spirit,
in the learning of the apostles,
in the gracious guidance of the angels,
in the patience of the saints,
in the self-control of the martyrs.

Such is the path of all servants of Christ,
the path from death to life eternal.

So, let’s “go forth” with these intentions, my friends. And, in doing so, let’s have a “Happy New Year!”

In the Love of the Three in One,

Br. Jack+, LC


* Simpson, Ray; The Celtic Book of Days: Ancient Wisdom for Each Day of the Year; Copyright © 2013 by Anamchara Books, a Division of Harding House Publishing, Inc.


Beth Krajewski said…
Wonderful aspirations to take into a new day or a new year, my brother. Thanks for sharing, and blessings on your new initiative!

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