Gillette Safety Razor

I’ve been using a double-edge (DE) safety razor for about a year and a half and have gotten the best shaves with it. For those of you who don’t know, a DE safety razor is one of those metal razors with a razor blade in it. Think about the razor your Grandpa used to use.


No, not the straight razor; the other one.


Yeah, that’s the one.

Recently, I’ve been seeing older razors. Razors that were the “originals” and were refurbished. Razor Emporium is a company that will actually makes your old DE razor look like new. And that got me searching. I wanted to find a Gillette razor that was produced in 1965, the year I was born. Well, I found one! And I got it for Christmas!


Here it is!


As you can see from this (out of focus) image above, the head of this razor looks quite differently from the image of the Maggard razor posted above.


A lot of razors come in two or three pieces (Maggard’s are 3 piece razors). But the Gillette 1965 is a twist-to-open (TTO) or “butteryfly” razor.


All you do is turn the handle at the bottom of the razor, and the head opens. You insert your blade, and twist the handle to close it. It’s that simple!

I’ve used this razor since Christmas and it’s a nice razor. A very mild razor with a nice weight to it. It’s really well balanced.

Think about this for moment...would the multi-blade razors we have today survive 50 years? Hardly! But this 50-year-old razor works just like I expect it did when it was first made. Smooth. Flawless.

As I’ve said a couple of times before, if you don’t use a DE safety razor, you own to yourself to get one. Not only will it help your wallet, your face will thank you!

In the Love of the Three in One,

Br. Jack+, LC


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