Today’s entry in Ray Simpson’s book, The Celtic Book of Days, is titled, “Unwanted Baby”, and tells the story of Tannoc, the daughter to King Loth of Dunpelder.

The story goes that when Tannoc was a child, her father sent her off to a convent where she gave her life to Christ and excelled in “atmosphere of spiritual and intellectual learning.” Later, when she was 15, her dad offered her in marriage to a Prince Owen of Rheged (gee, thanks, dad). When Tannoc refused, she was exiled. In a shocking display of sexual violence, Owen tracked her down and raped her. Alone and rejected by her family and the convent, a local community of peasant farmers took her in and cared for her.

When Tannoc gave birth to her son, the farmers contacted a neighboring priest who christened the child “Mungo” (meaning “my beloved”) and adopted them both. Saint Mungo became the founder and patron saint of Glasgow.

The reflection Simpson gives talks about carrying “unwanted life” (whether literal or metaphorical) and “the living scars of rejection and loss of identity.” He then goes on to say “God has purpose for you and for that which you carry within you.” He then tells us to remember Mungo when fear and doubt begins to creep in. Simpson finishes this entry by saying—

“Believe that something beloved, something (or someone) with authority and sainthood will come into being through you. The God of creation can use even our deepest wounds to bring good into the world.”

I like that. If you or someone you love is carrying “unwanted life” or “living scars” may you find those words of healing for you for God is “ever present in our pain.”

In the Love of the Three In One,

Br. Jack+, LC


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