Today’s entry in Ray Simpson’s book, The Celtic Book of Days, is a quotation from Columba: A Play with Music by Juliet Boobbyer & Joanna Sciortino; music composed by Elaine Gordon. In the quoted section, Simpson emphasises walking with God “into the great unknown.” Here’s the opening stanza:

Home is not a place, it's a road to be traveled, we say,
our only defense is the armor of God,
with the Gospel of Peace our feet are shod;
so alone, alone,
we walk into the great unknown.

The verses continue with this theme of wearing God’s armor and walking into the great unknown. Here’s the closing stanza:

The seed of God's love in the hearts of folk we sow;
and stronger and taller that seed will grow,
that all creation the truth may know;
then alone, alone,
it will conquer the great unknown.

Here we see that truth of the Gospel (God’s Love)—it will grow “stronger and taller” until all creation is infused with God’s Love, “conquer[ing]” all of the “unknown” things that oppose it. Here I take “conquer” to mean, not in some violent manner, but in the manner of winning one over to the side of Life and Love.

In the Love of the Three in One,

Br. Jack+, LC


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