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Weekly Gospel Reflection — The First Sunday of Advent

Mark 13.24-37 (CEB): “In those days, after the suffering of that time, the sun will become dark, and the moon won’t give its light. The stars will fall from the sky, and the planets and other heavenly bodies will be shaken. Then they will see the Human One coming in the clouds with great power and splendor. Then he will send the angels and gather together his chosen people from the four corners of the earth, from the end of the earth to the end of heaven.
“Learn this parable from the fig tree. After its branch becomes tender and it sprouts new leaves, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see these things happening, you know that he’s near, at the door. I assure you that this generation won’t pass away until all these things happen. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will certainly not pass away.
“But nobody knows when that day or hour will come, not the angels in heaven and not the Son. Only the Father knows. Watch out! Stay alert! You don’t know when the ti…

Jewish Holy Days — Part 2

I received the following comment from my latest post. My response was too long to reply directly, so I created a new post.
Blade21292 wrote: Yeshuah [sic] followed those feast days. Yeshuah said specifically that anyone who tried to undo the laws of Moses would be considered the least in Heaven. Yeshuah taught us to use our faith and our righteousness through Him to be a beacon. How can we be righteous through Him and not follow His example and His express teaching. The letters as canonized are from the Pope of the first Catholic church. The intent was not the teaching of the ways of The Christ as the center, but to cement the church and the pulpit as the focus, thereby making them untouchable by the governments. The early church even went so far as to forbid people learn to read so they could keep them under control.
Matthew 5:17-20 (NIV): 17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly I tell you, un…

Jewish Holy Days — A Question from a Reader

After making a Facebook post about the Feast Day of St. Hilda, a reader asked,
“Do you participate in these feasts in honor of these saints? Do you keep the Holy feast days from the Torah also?”
My initial response was that, yes, I do try to observe the feast days on the Christian calendar since they’re mostly special prayers and readings for the Daily Office, but, no, I don’t celebrate the feast days designated in the Torah. Of course, I certainly send out well-wishes to those who do.
But this got me thinking. Even though there wasn’t a follow-up question as to why I don’t celebrate the feast days designated in the Torah, I thought I would explain myself for those interested.
The short answer is I’m a follower of Jesus.
The long answer is a little more complicated.
The coming of G‑d’s Realm was part of the eschatological hope of ancient Judaism. That is, the Jews of Jesus time believed their current age would some day come to a close and the coming age — the age after their age — would be…

Oklahoma Politics — Ugh...

Last night, the Republicans won control of the Senate. Or, one could say, the Democrats lost what little control of the Senate they had.
Here in Oklahoma, most of the incumbents kept their positions. That is, the ruling party is mostly the Republican party. For my Republican friends, they’re elated. For my friends who are Democrats, not so much.
I’m not happy.
In fact, I’m a little irritated and sad.
Not because my party lost, but because we didn’t have to. We gave up. We forfeited. That is, no one showed up to vote.
Some figures I’ve seen show about 40% of registered voters turned out to perform their “civic duty.”
Just let that sink in.
Only 4 out of 10 of our fellow Oklahomans even bothered to raise their voices.
What’s more, Oklahoma is a “red state.” That is, the state is overwhelmingly controlled by the Republican party.
Or that’s what we’re led to believe.
In fact, it’s not. There are more registered Democrats in Oklahoma than Republicans.
Now let that sink in.
According to the Oklahoma …