No New Year Resolutions!

During this time of year, people often ask, “What’s your resolutions for the new year?” And, a lot of the time, before I can even answer, they’re telling me their resolutions! I then tell them, “We don’t make resolutions.” Well, not on the first of January anyway.

You see, a number of years ago, my wife made a startling discovery — the reason a lot of our new year’s resolutions don’t work out is because we’re still in the middle of the Winter season! This is the time when things are still dormant. This is when Nature herself is locked away in a deep sleep — resting and preparing for a new year.

She also discovered the “pagan” holiday of Spring Equinox. This is the time when new beginnings take place. Nature begins to bring forth new life — the flowers start to bloom; animals birthing their young. Heck, even Christians observe this time of the season with the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus! With my (then) new research into Celtic Christianity, observing the Spring Equinox in this way made perfect sense. I was looking for way to be better connected to Nature. And this was it.

So, what we’ve grown to do is continue to prepare for our resolutions throughout this resting season. We have some ideas about what we resolve to do (and not do) and be (and not be) this new year, but we will wait until the Spring.

Until then, keep resting and preparing, my friends.

In the Love of the Three in One,

Br. Jack+, LC


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