Today marks my first anniversary as a priest. It’s been a strange year. Most of the things I have wanted to do have completely failed - some have even failed to start! Then, there were other things, things that I wasn’t expecting, that have organically grown. One in particular is just now in the planning stages (heck, we might even call it the idea stages since it really isn’t fleshed out yet).

A couple of things that I can share: Writing. As most of you know (and all of you know that read this blog), I like to write. I started several years ago and found that I have a unique style that resonates with a lot of people. It’s because of this that I’m excited about a book coming out this summer that I had the privilege in contributing a chapter. The Lindisfarne Community (the secular monastic community of which I’m a member) is writing a companion book to our prayer book. It tells the story of our community and the Abbess and Abbott have asked several of us to write a chapter telling our stories that led us to Lindisfarne.

My contribution led me to start writing my own book. I’ve had people tell me for years now that I needed to take my thoughts and insights and write it down. So, I’ve started doing that. It’ll take some time and I hope that I can keep it fairly short.

The second thing that I want to share is that my wife and I are wanting to develop some kind of spiritual center that brings both of our paths together. We’re thinking about ways of combining our paths while maintaining a distinction for certain things. For example, say, once a month, I would like to have Eucharist in the backyard (or if the weather is bad meet in our meditation/yoga/library room). The language would be inclusive, of course. And I may even write some of the liturgies. We’ll see.

This idea has been a dream for a while now, ever since I surrendered to God’s call for the priesthood. But, like so many people, I got caught up in the routine of serving at a local parish. After a conversation I had recently, the dream came pushing its way to the top once more. It’s exciting think about this and to start the (very early) stages of fleshing it out.

And, speaking of that conversation, I have been asked to speak at Morning Star, a local center for spiritual living. I’ll be talking about the Lindisfarne Community and my path in it. I also want to share about following Jesus as a way of living and not a religion. It’s really kind of cool how that happened but that’s for another time.

So that about wraps it up! Some cool things coming soon and some not so soon. I’ll keep you up to date when things are getting closer.

Peace to you all,
Br Jack+, LC


hadhufang said…
Sounds wonderful! Can I come too? (Anna)
Br Jack+, LC said…
Yes! I'll let you know when we get this going.

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