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Second Understanding

2. We know too, that our community must be for “sinners” and not “saints.” We are ordinary people struggling with the realities of day to day life in an imperfect world. We are aware, therefore, that our way of living will always be incomplete. When people join the Lindisfarne Community, as any other intentional community, natural illusions and idealism about community will quickly be shattered. However, disillusionment leads towards reality. Discovering Christ among us is the beginning of true community.The thing that stands out here is "our community must be for 'sinners' and not 'saints'." So many times, people seem to think that if you are a follower of Jesus, you shouldn't make mistakes. But then, when we do make mistakes, people are quick to point out that we're hypocrites. But in the LC, we start out saying that we're sinners. We make mistakes. We fail, stumble, fall.

However, there's another point here. We're an "intentional co…

Google Docs Update!

While showing a colleague Google Docs today, I click on the Fonts down arrow to show her all of the available fonts. It was there that I noticed a new entry - F+ Add fonts... I was like, “What?! That’s new! I wonder...” I clicked on it and it brought up a fonts window. I started typing in the word “Gentium” (the name of my favorite font). It was there! I don’t know if it was pulling from my installed fonts or if it was one that Google uploaded (I know that it is available to use on their sites), but I was very pleased to find it. Now, all of the documents I create on Google Docs can use my favorite font! In fact, I used it in this post! Top notch, Google. Brilliant!

In the Love of the Three in One,

Br Jack+, LC

First Understanding

1. As a Christian community we seek above all else to be Christlike - to be as Christ to those we meet; to find Christ within them. Over the years we have deepened our understanding of what that means to us. Our understandings are those things we aspire toward as we follow Christ and seek to keep the community Rule. They are at the core of who we are and seek to become. They are not a list of do’s and don’ts; nor are they a list of self-congratulations, “look at us we’ve made it!” At their heart they are our prayer. We see these understandings in the life of Jesus; shining, precious gems, winsome, lovely, drawing us out of ourselves and towards Christ.

The thing that stands out for me, the thing that has always stood out, is "to be as Christ to those we meet; to find Christ within them." This reminds me of a story about when St Aidan arrived at a small village in Northern England. He and his follower came upon a village and noticed a shrine next to a well. The villager explai…

A New Series

I'll be starting a new series. In the Lindisfarne Community, we have a list of fifteen Understandings. I'm going to post an Understanding and my personal reflection. My reflections are just that, mine. These are not the views or reflections of other community members. With that stated, I would encourage all who read this blog to give your own reflections to our Understandings.

Peace to you,

Br Jack+, LC