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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 was released on Thursday, 26 April 2012. Since I’ve been using this version every day since the first beta release, it’s hard to keep track of all the great changes!

First of all, Unity is still the graphical user interface (GUI). With this release (Unity 5.10), I’ve seen more people coming back to Ubuntu. Unity configuration and speed are some of the biggest determining factors for this. I’ve found that Unity will spoil you once you start using it! I’ve gotten so used to the way things work in Unity, that when I’m on my Mac at work (or my wife’s laptop running Kubuntu - Ubuntu with KDE), I instinctively hit the keys to get the Launcher or the Dash to come up! Then I get frustrated because they don’t work like Unity! For some really good knowledge base (KB) articles on Unity, I recommend The Power User’s Guide to Unity. There are links to videos and walkthroughs that will be very helpful for those just now coming to Ubuntu and Unity. There’s a great overlay within Unity th…