Suffering Love

We (or I should probably say 'I' but I think a lot of us do this too), for whatever reason, divide 'God' into different concepts.  That is, the one called 'Father-Mother' is seen as different or other than Jesus.  And the Spirit is different still.

But Jesus said, 'If you have seen me, you have seen the Father-Mother.' So, who was Jesus? Was he not the 'suffering servant'? Was he not the self-sacrificing Love? Was he not meek and humble? Was he not always putting others before himself? Yes to all of this. Likewise the Father-Mother and the Spirit.

If we think God as something other than this, then, at the very least, we have misunderstood. At the very worst, we have become idolaters for we have made an image of our own imagining and called it 'God'.


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