Priestly Dream

Last night (or early this morning, whichever you prefer), I had an interesting dream.  I dreamt that I was in a clerical shirt and talking to a woman who had just lost her husband.  I told her that I was there for her is she needed.  She said she would like that so we went to a room and sat down.  I remember, in my dream, thinking, 'Just listen.  Don't try to fix it.'

The next scene was a mail carrier dropping off mail to a mailbox on a rural road.  She pulled up in her vehicle and put mail in the box.

The next scene was in a small, dark-ish 'office'.  There were about three women there and one, taking a piece of mail, said something like, 'I wonder what it is?'  Another one said, 'I wonder if he will tell us what she said?' - meaning the widow.  I came in and took the envelope from the first woman and stated, 'This is addressed to me.  And,' looking at the other woman, 'concerning what she said', the widow, who was sitting in a chair in the office, looked up at me, 'is confidential'.  The widow gently smiled and looked down at her hands.

And the alarm went off and I woke up.


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