Bait & Switch

Hybrid cars.

Every where one turns, some car company is coming out with a new hybrid vehicle.  And that's fine.  But what about the airline industry?  I'm not suggesting that they switch to a hybrid plane but just be conscious of their fuel consumption.  I mean, I recently went to Orlando, Florida for a conference (it was really cool) but I had to fly to Chicago first!  And I live in Oklahoma!  Talk about a waste of fuel.  Now, I understand that this was during Spring Break and a lot of people where heading to Florida, but come on.  Chicago?!  Really?

But that is not what this post is about.  I want to talk about the leading cause of greenhouse gases in the world - the meat industry.  That's right.  While Washington and other groups are pushing for hybrid vehicles and stating that we need to come up with alternative fuel sources (with which I agree), not once do we hear about the real culprit behind greenhouse gases.

It is stated that the greenhouse gases caused by the meat industry makes up more than all planes, trains, and automobiles combined.  Let that sink in. 

Note what I wrote above.  My out of the way flight makes up less than a third of the problem created by the meat industry.  And yet, we don't see a single ad or public announcement or legislation or rally of any kind promoting a safer, healthier planet through the eating of a vegetarian diet.  It's good for the planet, it's good for humanity, and it's good for the animals.  No torture and slaughter.  No ending the life of a mother or father or sister or brother just so we can have steak or bacon or a drumstick.

That was one of the obvious missing pieces in the whole Inconvenient Truth lectures (and DVD) by Al Gore.  His family is in the cattle industry.  Not once did we hear about the woes of the greenhouse gases caused by the family business.  Oh, we don't have a problem pointing out the 'sins' of others just as long as no one looks too closely at our sins.  'Buy florescent light bulbs for your home.  Buy a hybrid - or better yet, an electric - car.  Recycle your glass, paper, and plastic.  Walk, ride a bicycle, or take a bus instead of your car.'  All of which are good ideas.  But, that's part of the problem.  We bought it without doing the research.  When will we realize that the best solution for our planet is a vegetarian diet?  When will we stop getting sucked into the ol' bait and switch?

If we are really concerned about the planet and the lasting effects that humanity has on it, we will stop eating meat.  It's that simple.

For more information, see the Christian Vegitarian Association, Vegetarian Society, and the Vegetarian Resource Group.

In the Love of the Three in One,



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