My darling wife and I were at Border's this evening.  As usual, I perused the 'Religion' section.  I'm always looking for some new book by Bishop Tom or Thomas Merton or some Orthodox books.  Tonight, while I was reading New Seeds of Contemplation by Merton when I glanced up.  There, amidst the Bibles was a new study Bible - The Case for Christ Study Bible.  Really?  First of all, do we really need a new study Bible?  I mean, dang!  We have, like, a gizzillion Bibles!  Second, isn't the idea of the New Testament to begin with a 'case for Christ'?  This, to me, stunk of greed.  And then I looked at the whole section and became nauseated.  What are we doing, family?  I can understand different translations (albeit, those, too, are becoming a bit much).  But a 'study' Bible for every new thing under the sun?  And the idea of a 'case for Christ' study Bible is just plain silly.  There is absolutely no reason for it.  No reason other than to feed our need for cosumption!  To line the pockets of the publishing company.  Give me a good translation with some good guidance, and we're good.  We don't need another stupid (yeah, I said it) 'study' Bible - especially one geared to convince someone through our modern understanding of 'facts' that Jesus was the Christ.  That is what the New Testament is all about!

Sorry.  Rant's over.  Now on to your regularly scheduled programming.

In the Love of the Three in One,



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