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Ubuntu Remix

Yesterday, a person from our department brought in a new Dell Latitude 2100. This is a 'netbook' with a touch-screen. It has no optical drive and is powered by an Intel Atom processor. I was told that I could 'play' for a little while. Well, as you can guess, I took Ubuntu Remix for a spin.

Ubuntu Remix is especially made for netbooks running an Intel Atom processor. I downloaded the 9.04 release and put it on a USB drive. I put the drive in an available USB (it has 3) and booted the system from it. I have never done that before and was surprised at the speed!

When the screen loaded, I was greeted with the Remix desktop. What this post is really about, however, was that, surprise, everything worked -- sound, wifi, 3D graphics, and more astonishingly, the touch screen. I could just drag my finger across the screen to move the cursor and tap on an app icon to launch the app.

Once again, Open Source (in this case, Ubuntu) is fully functional with most of today…