Jaunty Jackalope

So, I've been 'experimenting' with Jaunty Jackalope (aka, 9.04), the next version of Ubuntu. I did something that is not a good thing. I completely broke my previous install and installed the latest version.

What the big deal?

The big deal is that it's still in the alpha phase! The release date is scheduled for 24 April. However, there were some things with the live CD that impressed me enough to 'bite the bullet' as the saying goes.

The biggest thing for me was power management. Before, to get the brightness/dimness to work on my Gateway M-6843, I had to make changes to a file. But it only partially worked. The dim funtion never worked. I could manually make the screen dimmer through the function keys, but it wouldn't automatically dim when sitting idle.

The other power issue was that of suspend/awake. It would never suspend properly and I would get an error when it awoke (if it did awake). However, when I booted up the live CD of the Alpha 5 release, it automatically dimmed when idle! 'Holy Stink', I thought. Since I have all my stuff automatically backed up through a great tool called 'SpiderOak', I took the plunge and installed Jaunty. So far my experience has been a solid success and all of the power options are working as intended. I will continue to update my system and update you all here.

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