Thin Places

I have written before about thin places.  One of my longings has been to find ways of creating thin places else where.  Thin places, as you know, are those places where 'heaven' and 'earth' meet.  The place where the 'thin veil' between the two is very, very thin.

However, through my recent studies in the Celtic Christian tradition of my heritage, my vision has been changing.  The Celtic tradition is about a way of seeing.  It holds the 'everlasting pattern' in both hands -- the 'mystery of Christ' and the 'mystery of creation'.  In this tradition, there are two books -- the 'small book' (Bible) and the 'big book' (creation).  The Western Church (some would say the 'Empirical Church'), has taught us well about the Small Book but has been negligent about the Big Book.  Because of the awakening I'm experiencing within my study of Celtic Christianity, I am beginning to see that I (we) don't need to 'make' thin places.  We need to 'see' that all of creation is a thin place.  God, the Life of all living, permeates all creation.  We just don't see it.  We have become blind.  May God, the One in Whom 'we live and move and exist' (Acts 17.28), restore our sight.  May Christ heal us of our blindness and help us see 'all things new' -- to see the Sacred, the Named-nameless-One, in all creation.

Peace be with you.



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