Lughnasadh is the ancient Celtic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season.  It is a festival filled with community gatherings, horse races, reunions with distant family and friends, the blessing of fields, fairs, trading, bonfires, dancing and celebration.

Now, when the days grow visibly shorter and the sun seems to decline, the crops ripen.  So too, when we work for justice, when we have expended huge energies to bring about change, the results often come only when the tides of enthusiasm and urgency seem to be ebbing.  When the marching and the shouting die away, public opinion quietly shifts.

Some traditions call this festival Lammas (meaning 'loaf-mass'), a time when we honor and celebrate the grain and the food that sustains our life.  In a just world, no one would go hungry.  All people would have access to good quality food - organic, fresh, local and truly nourishing.

The grain stands golden in the fields, but has not yet been gathered in.  We stand poised between hope and fear.  Lughnasadh is a time of consequence, when we reap what we have sown.  Globally, we are now reaping the consequences of decades of injustice, of the neglect and exploitation of the earth.   Will we make the change, in time to avert disaster?   Will we reap destruction, or harvest a new world based on harmony, balance, justice and love?

Our choices and actions will tip the scales.

Just a bit of info on Lughnasadh coming up on 1 August.

Peace be with you.



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