An Incredible Find

What you are looking at is my latest pipe.  This is a limited edition Peterson's Mark Twain in almost perfect condition.  Peterson made almost 3000 of these in the very early 80's and then stopped manufacturing them.  It's a replica of the original Peterson pipe Twain smoked from the late 1800's until his death in 1910.  The original can be seen in the Twain Museum in Hannibal Missouri.  I have wanted one of these pipes for years.  And today, I found one at a very, very reasonable price.

From time to time, we venture into antique stores looking for bargains.  I always look for pipes but I usually only find cheap dime store pipes.  I had always hoped that I would run across an old Peterson that no one really understood what they had.  For years I searched this way and always came up short.  But not today!  At the spur of the moment, we decided to go to an antique store a little further away than normal.  They had some wrought iron fencing my wife wanted for the garden.  While she was looking at the iron outside, my daughter and I went inside to look around.  And there, in the middle of the front case was this Peterson' Mark Twain pipe, still in its orginal box and with all of its papers.  I couldn't contain my excitement and told the lady behind the counter to put it back for me.  We looked around a bit more and added a couple more things to our purchase, including some nice fencing for the garden.  I got home and immediately started polishing the sterling silver cap of my new pipe.  It looks to have hardly been used.  No teeth marks on the bit and hardly any discoloration in the bowl or reseviour.  No tobacco smell either.  It is almost brand new!  And what a price!  I am so thrilled!  I can't wait to light it up this evening at the park listening to one of my favorite bands, Mingo Fishtrap.


EDIT: Well, the night was fantastic!  Mingo Fistrap knocked one out of the park!  Again!  And my pipe smoked very smoothly.  If you are in the mood for some good funk, R&B, Motown, Tower of Power type of groove, then I highly recommend Mingo Fishtrap.  You can purchase their music through CD Baby or iTunes.

Peace be with you.



Anglican said…
Wow! What a find! Well done!
Odysseus said…

Missed seeing you at worship. I hope everything is alright.

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