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New Testament Eschatology -- New Testament Letters

This series has sought to provide a different view to some of the opinions some people raise regarding the Apostolic belief and teaching about the return of Jesus. Some hold that the Apostles believed and taught the early church to expect the 'end of the world' within their lifetime. 'And they were obviously wrong', is the common remark. But, I don't think that those people who hold to this view follow it all the way through. If the New Testament writers were 'obviously mistaken' in their belief and teaching, then that would mean the whole Christian church, since it's very beginning was mistaken. I find this position lamentable. Sure, I get it. The writers of the Bible were human beings and prone to error. But what if we are the ones who are wrong? I never seem to hear that as a possibility. Therefore, what we have set out to do is to see if the Apostles got it wrong or perhaps we have misunderstood them.

Our journey in this series has taken us…