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New Testamanet Eschatology -- Background Question

I have received some comments and emails regarding my understanding of the 'coming' of Jesus in Matthew 24. Since this, to me, is foundational to the rest of this series, I thought I would address it now before we move on.

Basically, the question is, 'I have always been taught (or believed) that the 'coming' Jesus talked about in Matthew 24 was his 'Second Coming' at the end of time. So, I'm not so sure if I agree with your view. Can you give me some passages to help support your view?'

That's a fair question. I have not always held this view and, like so many others, have always seen the 'coming' of Jesus as the 'Second Coming' at the end of history. But, once I started looking into eschatology, I realized that there were other views out there and some were better at addressing some of my concerns. To sharpen the point, I saw other 'comings' in the Bible. Please, consider the following.
Genesis 18.13-14. 'Then t…

New Testament Eschatology -- New Testament Background Concluded

Last time we briefly looked at the stories Jesus told at the end of Matthew 24 and the beginning of Matthew 25. But, we left off the story in Matthew 25 that some call the 'Final Judgment'. The question is, 'Isn't Jesus talking about his 'Second Coming' in this story?' I have wrestled with this passage over and over again. I think it can be tied with the rest of these stories as an illustration of Jesus' return. Although, I must admit, some scholars see this story as being 'tacked' on to the others. That is, it may not have any reference to the other stories at all and might very well be a story about Jesus' 'final coming'. So, it could go either way. But, for the sake of argument, let's see how it would fit into the stories of Jesus coming within his generation.
Matthew 25.31-46. “But when the Son of Mancomes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit upon his glorious throne. All the nations will be ga…

New Testament Eschatology -- New Testament Background Continued

The Olivet Discourse Continued

For the last several posts, we have been going through the Olivet Discourse. We have seen that Jesus' entire 'sermon' has actually been an answer to the disciples question regarding the fall of the Temple. In a nutshell, the fall of Jerusalem, including the Temple, would happen within their generation. They and their contemporaries would witness it destruction. Furthermore, the Fall of Jerusalem would be a 'world shattering' event similar to the fall of Egypt or Babylon or the flood of Noah. Jesus gave them several 'signs' that would point that YHWH's judgment was coming, though the exact moment was unknown. Therefore, they must always be on the lookout so they could escape and not be caught up in it. People would be swept away by YHWH's judgment on the city but the outcome would be nothing less than the fulfillment of Daniel 7. The 'Son of Man' would be vindicated and all power and authority would be st…