Eucharistic Visitor

I have been appointed as a Eucharistic Visitor.  I have this honor for three years and the privilege of serving the community of St. John's.  I had to attend a training class and fill out some paper work but my 'certification' was issued by Bishop Moody on August 18th, 2007.

So what is a Eucharistic Visitor?  Good question!  What we do is extend the Eucharist to the parish family who can't attend the public service.  We take bulletins, altar flowers, the Lessons, and a little Eucharist kit to people who are in the hospital or home bound for whatever reason.  We receive our kits right after the rest of the body has partaken of the elements and go directly to the other members.  This extends the worship for those people who can't attend.  It's such an honor to be able to do this.  It is also very humbling.  And I have been twice.  The first time, I went with someone else to see how it's done.  (I found out a couple of weeks later that the gentleman we saw had died.  It changed the way I saw the EV ministry.)  Yesterday I went solo and visited a nice lady at the Veteran's Hospital.  We talked briefly and then shared the Eucharist.  It was great.

My only regret is that I wished I had been able to do this with my Mother.  I never got the opportunity to share the Meal with her while she was in this realm of existence.  I know that we celebrate it every week, that she is at the table with me (as well as the rest of my family that has gone 'to be with the Lord') but I it would have been nice.

If you have something like this at your local fellowship, I would highly recommend getting involved.  If there isn't, perhaps you could 'plant the seed' and get one started.  It is a very important ministry.

Peace be with you.

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