From my reading for EfM class:
How a community worships its god or gods [goddess or goddesses -- OD] shows how that community sees the very foundations of its culture.

Given today's culture, what are your thoughts of this?

Peace be with you.

+ OD


Anglican said…
Interesting. I had some thoughts initially, but then I quickly realized how we are hampered by language. How are we defining the following terms?



Odysseus said…
Good questions.

Culture -- the general life, attitude, intention of [secular] society.

Worship -- admiration; what society deems important; to what it gives its time, talent, and treasure

Community -- the people as a whole, the majority of people in society, that influence the culture.

I think that maybe we could reverse program this quote and ask the question this way: Looking at today's culture, what are the most important things? If we were a future generation and we could look back on today's culture, how would we 'interpret' society? What would we think they admired? Then, taking that information, what would we think about its god, goddess, gods, or goddesses?

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