My favorite Linux distribution, PCLinuxOS, has been taking the linux desktop community by storm.  It has been in the #2 spot on Distrowatch for a while now.  But some of the community members don't want to stop there.  They want to bring the PCLOS experience to the small office or home office (SOHO).  That's right.  They want to take the 'radically simple' -ness of PCLOS and bring it to the workplace.  On June 27th, they were one step closer in making that a reality.  The PCLinuxOS Business Edition released their first candidate for Server Basic.

This is extremely exciting in that it gives small businesses an opportunity to implement new technologies in their growing business without spending a lot of money.  And we all know why that is, right?  Yep!  Server Basic is free!  Now people can bring more organization to their business.  The Server comes with a number of items that make setting up and maintaining a network environment a lot easier.  Some of these items are:

  • Network authentication (usernames, passwords, privileges, etc.)

  • Web server (host your own web page locally)

  • Groupware (email, calendar, etc.)

  • Print server (your printing needs are transfered from the individual users to the server)

  • File server (store critical data on the server that can be accessed from anywhere within the network, providing the user has the correct privileges)

  • SQL database (this could take the form of a POS system or used as a simple database of client information)

I am really excited about this new server OS.  I think it will be a great tool for the small business owner.

You can read more about PCLinuxOS Business Edition at their website.

Peace be with you.

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