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A Cocktail Party, a Bow Tie, and a Little Black Dress

On Friday night, 06.08.07, Mahina and I went to an annual cocktail party some of our friends host.  Earlier in the week we both received text messages stating that this would be a 'little black dress' affair.

'I don't have a "little black dress" to wear', exclaimed Mahina.

'Neither do I', was my reply.

However, I did want to get dressed up for it.  In fact, I wanted to wear a bow tie.

'What?  Why?  Last year none of the guys were dressed up', she said.


'You know how this event goes', she said.  'All the gals dress up and the guys just wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts'.

'But why should the girls be the only ones who get to dress up?'

Now, I like a good suit.  In fact, I like the whole dress up thing.  My favorite era was the 40's-60's Rat Pack era.  You know the era where people used to dress up to go out to dinner?  The time in American history where casual wear for men was still a sport coat, slacks, but no tie.  I love that time period.  Call me sappy, but to me, that was very, very cool.  Okay, so I'm a lost romantic in the postmodern age.  So be it.  To me, that is just classy.  It makes me feel very good.  Very happy.

So, on Thursday evening, Mahina and Sumi (our daughter) went shopping for a little black dress. Whenever we need some clothes, we usually go to the Salvation Army, or some thrift store, or a resale shop, or whatever.  Well, not luck there.  Those stores didn't have what Mahina was looking for.  But she did find one at Ross (the thrift store chain, as I like to think of it) for only twelve bucks.  Awesome.  I love those type of deals.  I, on the other hand, still hadn't found a tie.  To be honest, I hadn't the time to look for one!  I only like to drive when I have to, and this last week I didn't really need to be driving during the day.  So, when Mahina got home on Friday night (can you say last friggin' minute!), she and Sumi went looking for me a bow tie.  And they found one at a thrift store for, get this, one dollar!  Yeah.  One little, ol' George Washington.  Now, I just needed to learn how to tie it!  Never did that before.  I had always bought clip-ons.  But thank God for Google!  With a couple of clicks I found a page that told me step by step how to tie a bow tie.  After about the fourth of fifth try, I had it down.

We made it to the party and we had a wonderful time.  I loved it.  There was old Rat Pack, big band era music on vinyl (!) playing.  Little lights around the yard.  Finger food.  A big water feature that had candles and flower petals in it.  And a few cocktails.  Every one was laughing and having a grand time.  It was great.  It is (probably) my favorite event we have with this group.

Here are a few pictures of us.


Peace be with you.

+ OD


Anglican said…
Awesome. Once again, allow me to compliment you on the tie.

On the pipe: looks like a Peterson?
Odysseus said…
Thanks. I really like that tie.

Yeah. You have a good eye. That is a Peterson. I smoke them exclusively. I used to smoke their tobacco, too, but right now it is a little expensive. My favorite blend of their is 'Sunset Breeze'. Nice and smooth.

Peace be with you.

+ OD
Anglican said…
I've had more than a few bowls of Sunset Breeze myself, though it's been a while since I smoked a pipe. I have two Peterson pipes: one a Dunmore that I found in an antique shop for about ten bucks, cleaned up, and it is now one of the best smokers I have; and two, a basic Peterson system bent that I bought to celebrate getting my master's degree long ago. It has been a disappointment, I'm afraid. Something about it just never broke in right. But that's the way it is with pipes. Each is its own creation.
Odysseus said…
That's interesting. I'm wondering if this is an Anglican thing? Hm...

Concerning the system pipe: I'm sure you are aware that Peterson pipes don't really need to be 'broke in', so I'm not sure what you mean by that. What about it is disappointing? You know, if you want to get rid of it, I'm sure we could work out a deal (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Peace be with you.

+ OD
Anglican said…
Yeah, I knew I misspoke when I said "broke in." There's just something about that one Peterson that just never clicked for me. Pipes are like that, I guess. The Dunmore Peterson is great, though. I also have an "Irish Second," made by Peterson but not quite up to their main-line standards, and it too is great.

You can have it. I'll try to remember to bring it to you soon at church. Consider it a peace offering for the flame war I'm about to start on your other post, fanboy!
Odysseus said…


That was brilliant! 'Fanboy'. Hello...pot? This is the kettle. You're black! We are all fanboys, in some way or another, aren't we? That was too funny.

Now down to serious matters... if you are giving that pipe to me, I'll come by and pick up right now! Just let me know where your at!

I, too, have an Irish Second. Great pipe when I'm not worried about it getting busted.

Peace be with you.

+ OD
Ted Gossard said…
OD, I like that! Looks like a great time and even a good time in getting there. Though I have to admit I don't share with you your affection for the dress of the 40's to 60's. Though I don't care for the 60's and 70's either, unless you're talking about jeans.
Odysseus said…
That's alright Ted. My wife isn't too keen on the whole Rat Pack thing either. She just rolls her eyes at me. My daughter, on the other hand, loves them, especially Dino. I mean, seriously, how many 15-year olds do you know that have Dean Martin on their iPods?

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