Mingo Fishtrap

Well, what can I say. I have been telling people about this band for a while now and they were in town last night. This was their second time in Norman. They were at Summer Breeze last year too. This year, like last year, was an amazing show. The energy of this band is outta this world. They were charged up and ready to go.

It was about a 1.5 to 2 hour set and they played a lot of different stuff from their latest album as well as stuff from their previous ones. I also heard some new stuff. Mingo Fishtrap is a mixture of Funk/R&B/Soul and a little New Orleans Jazz. They hail from Austin, Texas and are one of my favorite bands. If you ever have a chance to see them (and for those of you whom I told about this gig for a long, long time -- shame on you for missing out!!), do it! You will not be disappointed. In fact, if you are not doing anything next weekend, they will playing at the Granada Theatre in Dallas on Saturday, July 29th. They will be doing some filming for an upcoming DVD. Should be a great show! But, then again, every Mingo show is a great show...

At one point in the show, my daughter ran down to the front and screamed out 'Poison Ivy', a song off of their project 'From the Private Bag'. It was great because Roger Bleven, Jr, the bands front man, said, 'Hold on, we'll get there'. Then later, when they introduced the cut, he said something like, 'This if for that girl...' Sumi and I danced like crazy.

BTW, Mingo Fishtrap will be opening for Sting and Annie Lennox in September. Just so you know.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.



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