Summer Breeze

Fly'n Fiddler & Suspicious Contra Band

I love this town. One of the great things about Norman is the Summer Breeze concert series. Local and out of town (and state!) bands come and play at a couple of parks about every other weekend all summer long. At tonights concert, which featured Fly'n Fiddler & Suspicious Contra Band, a Celtic mix of music, there are elderly people and young people; preppies and hippies; vegans and carnivours. People are just sitting around laughing and singing; smoking and drinking; playing frizbee and hacky-sack; having picnics; etc. Just one big party outside in YHWH's 'very good' creation.

This is one of those things that make me appreciate life in the tribe of YHWH. I think this is what it is supposed to be like throughout the world. People just loving each other and accepting each other and just letting people be themselves. It's a great scene. I wish other people could experience this. If you live in Norman (or are close enough), you owe it to yourself to see what the kingdom looks like.

May mercy, peacle and love be yours in abundance.



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