Extra Buttons

I just like extra buttons! You know what I'm talking about? Like on the bottom of shirts or on the inside of pants. Sometimes the manufacturer will put extra buttons there just in case you happen to lose one, you have one all ready to fill in the gap!

This is similar to the grace of YHWH. YHWH reaches out to us all day, every day. More times that not, we are 'too busy' to notice. But, if we just take a moment (several, actually) throughout our day, we will notice these special moments, these little extra buttons of grace. They are there. We just need YHWH to open our eyes and allow us to see them. A child's smile. A bird's song. A butterfly flitting around some flowers. A cat's stretch when it wakes up. Your lover's embrace. The gentle elderly couple holding hands on their walk. The young woman walking her dog. We can even experience this even in traffic (although, it's really hard at times); the morning sunrise. The fog just hanging right above the surface on an open field. Yes YHWH's small graces are all around us. They're like extra buttons on a shirt.

Extra buttons . . . they make me happy.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.



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