Bald Eagles: Friday after work, we drove to Eufuala to visit my folks. We haven't been up there since Christmas I don't think. Anyway, it was a great time! (Except, Mahina got sick.) One of the highlights was on Saturday after lunch. My Dad and I took out Sumi, Daystar and my nephew Tyler on Dad's boat. They wanted to go swimming so we found a nice little spot and beached the boat. (The lake is down about 2 feet so finding a place to beach wasn't all that difficult.) The kids jumped in the water and Dad and I stayed on the boat talking, listening to music, and I was smoking my pipe. Then we noticed a pair of bald eagles. They were swooping and spinning and circling around. It looked to us that it was probably a courtship flight called 'cartwheeling'. I have heard of these and seen a wildlife show about them but never saw one in person. Until now. It was truly amazing. I was hoping that we would be able to see that whole thing -- climaxing in the 'death fall' or whatever it's called. That's where the pair soar to a dizzying height and lock talons and plummet to the earth. Right at the last second, the release and soar again. We didn't get to see that part unfortunately. Their courtship flight kept moving them further and further away until we just lost sight of them altogether. Still, it was an amazing thing to watch. I was so thankful to YHWH for allowing us to see that.

Rough water: The way back to the dock was a different story, however. As we turned out of the little cove we noticed a definite change in the water. There were white-caps all around and there was a couple of times where the front of the boat was covered in water. At one point, Dad looked to me and said, 'So, we might want to put on a life jacket'. That was kind of unsettling. It reminded me of the movie Jaws where the Orca was sinking and Capt Quint came out and tossed the other two life jackets. Needless to say, we made it home just fine. We redistributed the weight and the wind died down some.

PCLOS: I installed PCLinuxOS on my Dad's little Dell 2650 laptop over the weekend. Man it just screams when it's not bloated with Windows. The great thing was that it boots up faster than Linspire and it detected his ScanDisk 6-in-1 memory card reader. Honestly, it detected everything and worked right out of the box! We still have it partitioned and the lilo boot loader allows him to pick WindowsXP or PCLinuxOS (default). I'll keep Windows on there for a while until he gets more comfortable with PCLOS. Then, I'll format the whole drive and just have PCLOS on it! That will be awesome!

Well, that enough for today. I gotta get off of this and get ready for work.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.



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