Severe Weather


We had some severe weather tonight. I just watched a tornado form while watching the weather. It was pretty amazing. I am on the edge of language in trying to describe it. I watched the news report as they were streaming the activity. There was a nice size wall cloud and part of it started to rotate. Then, as the 'storm chasers' started to get excited, you could see a funnel appear from the centre of the rotation. It was thin and small at first. But as I was watching it you could just see it slowly make its way toward the ground. And touched down. Debri started to fly in the air. It whipped past some trees.

While that one was moving along (it later disipated), a second formed behind it. It was thinner than the first one but it was headed right for some hangers at a local airport. It hit three of them dead on. You could see the debris in the air -- what you could only assume was sheet metal and parts of airplanes. Then, just like that, it disipated too.

As I am typing this, I am keeping a close eye on the weather and seeing flashes of lightening northeast of me as well as hearing the thunder roll. (That was close!) Right now, according to local weather reports and radar, there are several places in the state where there is rotation of some kind. Could be nothing. But then again...

If you have never seen the damage a tornado can do, Google May 3 Oklahoma and take a look. This was the first link that showed up. It is truly an awesome thing to see.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.



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