Day 8

What a weekend! On Friday night we went to a concert on OU campus. The bill consisted of The ills, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, and Kid Koala. What an amazing show! If you ever get a chance to see, no, experience, any of these amazing people -- go do it! Wow.

On Saturday Mahina and Sumi went over to a friends place to work on some sewing. I stayed home and did the whole house cleaning thing (laundry, kitchen, bathroom, dusted, swept, etc.) while listen to a Greatful Dead CD a buddy of mine loaned me. After a while I went out to the garage room and did some drumming. Later that night, we fixed some Mexican chicken casserole and took it over to a birthday party. It was great night. Good food, good beer, good friends, good music. You get the picture. Good times.

On Sunday we went to see my Grandmother for her 95th birthday. There was a whole mess of us in that little room and we had cake and ice cream. Then, we left there and went to my Mother-in-laws for her birthday. We went out to eat dinner and my Brother-in-law paid (he does that all the stinkin' time and I certainly appreciate it.). Then we got home, and crashed! Whew! Very active weekend.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.



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