Day 3

Weekend: Well, we had a grand weekend. On Saturday, we met with some friends and had breakfast at The Diner -- a great little place. Then, we all went over to the Medieval Fair. The other couple was dressed for the occasion. We go to this every year but have been thinking about not going next year (which, I doubt will happen). Even though everything seems the same, it is kind of nice just to walk around outside and look at all the cool booths and what not. The MedFair has grown little by little since it moved from it other location (the 'Duck Pond'), this means that there are even more 'freaks' to see around! Ha!

That night, Ben and Suzane came over. It was great seeing them again. It has been too long. We grilled out some steak and chicken and served it up with rice and salad. Then we watched Walk the Line. It was a good evening.

On Sunday, we worked outside in the yard and boy am I sore! We moved in 10 - 40lb bags of pea gravel, 5 - 40lb bags of Peet, and 5 - 50lb bags of play sand. Plus we moved about 6 wheel-barrows of compost. Started pruning the Wisteria from the East fence -- almost finished; about a 1/4 left to do. Put the Peet, sand, and compost into the raised beds and put the gravel in the west end of the back patio. We then put in some flagstones and some nice, twisted drift wood. Added a bird bath and a bird feeder. It looks real nice there.

Well, that's about it for this quick update.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.



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