From my old blog . . . 03.22.06

Last night with the guys was great! We went to Henry Hudson's Pub (Jim and I came up with 'Hank' - a shortened version of 'Henry' and 'Red' - another river. Thus, 'Hank Red's Pub') right after work and stayed until after eight. The roster was only Jim, Joe, and I.

We discussed a couple of things: Women in ministry and the UN as well as Joe talked about some things he had been reading (Joe has just become a Christian rather recently).

The women in ministry conversation went very well. Jim (aka Pinball) got it. Basically, all I did was go over what I had written here on 'From my old blog...03.15.06'. He got it.

The UN was a 'horse of a different color' as the saying goes. Jim is very much against the UN. He sees it as communism plain and simple. I can see where he is coming from but I don't agree whole heartedly. I think that the UN in principle is a good thing. But, there is no way to 'police' it. No one watches to make sure those in charge don't get out of line. I think that they have taken a Christian principle and tried to make it work without Christ. That, IMO, won't work. Heck, it doesn't work a lot of times when Christians do it. But, I am hopeful. I think it could be one of the things that the world isn't ready for yet. However, I think those principles should be in the church already. That way, the 'world' can see what it is supposed to look like. Of how it is supposed to be like. It is the same with women in leadership. If the church had been doing this all along, I think the problems with sexism wouldn't have been so bad. Maybe I'm just niave. But that is what I think. Think about it for a moment. If the Church had treated women as equals (like the NT seems to clearly teach) then those who were suffering from inequality could find a place of acceptance. Of respect. Sadly, however, it seems that a lot of the crap that has gone on against women has been because of the Church (or the lack thereof). I state this to our shame.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.



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