From my old blog . . . 02.20.06

Well, it happened. I was bitten by a dog. And not just any ol' dog, one of the ones I own! The situation went down like this:

Got home from picking up a few groceries with my daughter. My wife was in the kitchen fixing dinner and was waiting on me for the final touches. I walked in to the kitchen with some bags and the dogs followed (as usual). When I turned around, the Jack Russell went under the legs of the Golden Retriever -- and it was on. The Golden Retriever (Zooma) just lunged at the Jack Russell (Maddie). Maddie being on her back tried to defend herself as best she could but it wasn't working out too well for her. Instantly Terry (my wife) and I were trying to separate the two -- I was pulling on Zooma and she was helping with Maddie. Well, it was right then that I got bit. I pulled Zooma off of Maddie, or so I thought, because either Maddie still had a hold of Zooma or Zooma still had a hold of Maddie. I had a hold of Zooma with my right hand and was pulling her away when I reached down with my left hand to scoot Maddie out of the way -- Zooma lunged.

I'm not as fast as I once was.

It wasn't a full-head-on bite, it was more glancing. It's about 2-2.5 inches from my wrist on the inside of my arm. It runs just a little over an inch. You can see a could scrapes and three puncture marks. It a little bruised and red, but nothing major. 'They' always tell you not to put your hands near their muzzles when they are fighting for just this reason. Well, it was just a natural reaction, that, next time, won't be so natural.

May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance.



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